Stress related disorders a modern phenomenon?

Stress related disorders are one of the most common complaints we see as acupuncturists. It seems that these days, people are working much longer hours and leading more complicated lives. Often they are placing impossible demands on themselves and others. This in turn creates unnecessary stress that can have an impact on both a physical and emotional level. As a result, they often present with a wide range of symptoms. For some, these symptoms are short term for others however, they become chronic and somewhat debilitating, affecting their capacity to lead normal lives.  

Stress and its impact on the body

Essentially stress and anxiety are natural human responses. In fact our bodies are innately designed with mechanisms to adapt to stressful situations. Indeed, in what is commonly known as the flight or fight response, the body’s sympathetic nervous system initiates a finely tuned sequence of hormonal changes that occur when the body is under threat or attack. Hence when we encounter stressors in our lives are bodies are programmed to deal with them. Once the stressor no longer remains the body switches back to its normal nervous system function known as the autonomic nervous system.

When we face persistent or prolonged periods of stress our bodies become locked in to flight or fight mode. When this happens, stress hormones such as cortisol and noradrenaline fail to switch off, leading to adverse reactions that permeate throughout the body. The impact of these changes are far reaching, affecting our digestive, reproductive, cardiovascular and hormonal systems as well as the brain. As a result, a wide range of stress related disorders/symptoms such as anxiety, depression, panic attacks, palpitations, teeth grinding, jaw clenching and insomnia (just to name a few) can develop.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) for stress

At Innate Harmony we are passionate about helping our patients manage and reduce stress in the lives. Indeed, we empower them to make positive changes directly aimed at stress reduction and the improvement of their wellbeing. We believe that we all encounter stressful situations at some point or other, the challenge is however, how we manage it. Targeting the many symptoms of stress related conditions, we formulate a treatment plan which includes acupuncture, herbs and supplements, dietary advice and lifestyle counselling tailored to the individual.