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Acupuncture may be a valuable adjunct treatment for couples wanting to maximise their IVF chances. In fact many health practitioners might recommend acupuncture as an additional therapy alongside IVF treatment. Indeed, there exists ongoing research as to how acupuncture may assist with the efficacy of IVF treatment and it is recommended that patients consult their treating practitioners to ascertain whether acupuncture could be beneficial for them.


What is involved in a typical acupuncture program to optimise IVF results?


Preparation for the IVF Cycle


Essentially, acupuncture can be commenced at anytime during the IVF process. Some couples start after a few unsuccessful cycles whilst others start well in advance. Sessions often commence before starting an IVF cycle. Focus at this stage is on the following where appropriate:


  •  conducting an assessment, diagnosis and treatment plan according to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) principles that is specific to the individual or couple
  •  incorporating dietary and lifestyle changes, herbs and supplements (if necessary) to optimise the health of both partners.

During and after an IVF Cycle


Acupuncture is usually recommended at various points of the IVF cycle and the frequency of visits may vary depending upon where the patient is in their cycle. As a guide, we usually perform acupuncture at the following points of a patient’s IVF cycle: 

(1) upon the commencement of drugs

(2) on the day of the embryo transfer (two treatments one before and the other after the transfer)

(3)  in the weeks proceeding transfer. ccess Acupuncture Melbourne


We practice evidence based acupuncture and this involves following the protocols outlined in clinical studies. Central to these protocols is performing the pre- and post-transfer acupuncture on the same day of the transfer. It is important to us that this is achieved and we endeavour to coordinate the timing of treatments to align with the scheduled transfer time as closely as possible. Where prior notice is given, we are able to guarantee pre- and post-transfer treatments 7 IVF Acupuncture Melbourne Increase IVF Success Acupuncture Melbourne

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