Fertility related issues seem all too commonplace in today’s society. In fact one in six couples in Australia experience infertility. Infertility is the inability of a couple to achieve conception after a year of unprotected intercourse, or the inability to carry pregnancies to a live birth (1). Infertility often is shared equally among women and men. Although many cases can be adequately diagnosed, numerous cases still remain “unexplained” which can be frustrating for many couples.

At Innate Harmony we have a particular interest  supporting patients with fertility issues and have been doing so for over a fifteen years. Working alongside reproductive specialists, gynaecologists and other medical professionals we utilise acupuncture as an adjunct to conventional treatment for couples with unresolved fertility issues.  Indeed once the necessary investigations are complete and medical treatment commenced, we often see couples who are seeking out some additional care and support during what can be an extremely stressful time. 

How can acupuncture support fertility treatment?

Utilising principles and protocols unique to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), our therapeutic care focuses on improving the health and wellbeing of our patients to assist them with their fertility concerns. Specifically using techniques such as acupuncture, Chinese dietary therapy, herbal medicine and supplements we focus upon the patients overall health and vitality. More often than not we see couples who are  overworked, fatigued, stressed, eating poorly and so on and they just need some extra help to get their health back on track and preserve their fertility. To us its all about empowering our patients to improve their health status to facilitate them on their fertility journey and beyond.


(1) Fertility Society Of Australia online at www.fertilitysociety.com.au

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